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MAT- Lakeland Cobble. CSH- Slate Grey. RA- Charcoal. 3 of 3.jpg

What is Patterned Imprinted Concrete or Resin Driveway?

Patterned Imprinted Concrete is a revolutionary skilled technique. It incorporates colours and patterns to freshly poured concrete on driveways, paths & patios. This re-creates the look of authentic materials such as stone, slate and timber. Our process avoids the associated high cost of these natural products.

Minimal Maintenance

Patterned Concrete a unique product that requires minimal maintenance. It performs superiorly to alternative products like block paving, tarmac and flagstones. A dolomite sub-base and four inches of fibre reinforced concrete eliminates many problems. These include sinking, weeds and moss that are attributed to alternative products. Block paving, wood rot and pest control have issues that are encountered with wooden decked patio areas.

MAT- Slate Cobblestone Circle. CSH- Sandstone Buff. RA- Mahogany..jpeg
MAT- Random Ashlar Stone. CSH- Deep Tan. RA- Mahogany. B 2 of 2..jpg
MAT- Farmhouse Stone. CSH- Charcoal. RA- Charcoal. 2 of 2.jpg
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